The current version of the Key was developed as a special joint project between Emma McLarnon (BSc Biology, Leeds University, 2008 – 2012; work placement at Kew 2010 - 2011) and the Malpighiales Team at Kew (Gill Challen, Sue Zmarzty). The Malpighiales Team would like very much to thank Emma for her conscientious and focused effort, for all of the work she put in in her own time, and for her undaunted enthusiasm, especially when the going got tough. Emma’s mix of IT skills and flair for plant taxonomy proved invaluable. All of the photos from herbarium material, and many of the scans, are also thanks to Emma. (13-9-11: the current probelms with images aren't Emma's fault - they're mine! SZ)

We’re also very grateful to Matt Taylor and the support team at (, the IT & GIS teams at Kew, all of our colleagues who trialled the key for us, or provided Lucid support, and to Paul Berry (University of Michigan), Lynn Gillespie (Canadian Museum of Nature) and Hans-Joachim Esser (Botanische Staatssammlung München) for their advice on selected genera.

The current version of the key  is based on the dataset and structure of the original version in DELTA, for which we are grateful to: Mike Dallwitz (DELTA software), Don Kirkup (DELTA support), the Malesian Key Group for permission to use their format and text, Mac Alford for permission to use his images, George Argus and the late Alexei  Skvortsov for comments on Salix and Populus, Neil Brummitt and Rafaël Govaerts for distribution data, Aimeé Galster for data entry and illustrations, Linda Gurr and Keith Chamberlain for illustrations, Jonathan Standsbie  for text markup and Tim Utteridge for testing the key and offering constructive discussions regarding character coding. RFBR grant number 08-04-00894-a from the Russian Academy of Science and the Marie Curie Foundation are gratefully acknowledged for supporting the research of Irina Belyaeva & Alexei  Skvortsov.

Most of the morphological coding for the original version was drawn from Radcliffe-Smith (2001)*, corrected where necessary from other literature (monographs, taxonomic revisions, flora accounts) and from direct observation of herbarium material.

Field images were very kindly contributed by: [text in prep]

*Radcliffe-Smith, A. 2001. Genera Euphorbiacearum. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens.

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