Interactive Key to Genera of Euphorbiaceae s.l., Salicaceae & Achariaceae


The current version of the Key was developed as a special joint project between Emma McLarnon (BSc Biology, Leeds University, 2008 – 2012; work placement at Kew 2010 - 2011) and the Malpighiales Team at Kew (Gill Challen, Sue Zmarzty). (Note: Emma's not responsible for the dreadful formatting on the entity help pages - that's me I think. SZ)

Taxonomic Scope: all genera of Achariaceae, Centroplacaceae, Euphorbiaceae, (Flacourtiaceae), Gerrardinaceae, Pandaceae, Peraceae, Phyllanthaceae, Picrodendraceae, Putranjivaceae, Salicaceae, (Samydaceae). Gerrardinaceae (Huerteales) is also included because its single genus, Gerrardina, has only recently been excluded from Salicaceae. Flacourtiaceae is not recognised, its genera now belong to Achariaceae and Salicaceae. Samydaceae is not recognised.

Parts of the Key treating neotropical (and subtropical) Euphorbiaceae s.l. have been upgraded and link back to genus descriptions and image galleries in this Scratchpad site.

Taxonomic standards: Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 3 (APG 3;; World Checklist of Selected Families (; for Centroplacaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Pandaceae, Peraceae, Phyllanthaceae, Picrodendraceae and Putranjivaceae).

Geographic standard: Brummitt, R.K. 2001 onwards. World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions edn 2. International Working Group on Taxonomic DatabasesFor Plant Sciences (TDWG). Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.  (

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